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Our specialists walk through the production area and inspect it in order to get to know the structure of the factory and the type of workplaces. They make employee interviews as well. It will be determined to which risk category the different workstations of the company belong in terms of workload, health hazard and the possibility of accidents.

On request, we can assess the modifications needed to expand the range of potential workers in order to employ older persons and people with changed working ability.

As a result, they get a detailed picture of the ergonomic issues affecting the company and their severity. They select the workstations requiring immediate action, where additional instrumental testing is required to make accurate suggestions.
overall picture
An overall picture about the ergonomic issues of the company
ranking of issues
Grouping and ranking of issues
selection of workstations
Selection of workstations requiring further action


An accurate ergonomic analysis requires objectively measured motion data. We perform the sensory movement capture with the aid of the market leader Xsens Motion Capture system on those workstations, which was selected by the customer or was suggested during screening by our ergonomists.

The Xsens motion capture system has been developed in order to measure and record the movements of the whole body. The equipment works with inertial sensors, biomechanical models and sensor fusion algorithms. The Xsens suit is a non-obtrusive solution, making sure the workers can move natural and realistic. The motion capture system can be used in all environments, including industrial plants with lots of magnetic interference, the motion capture data will not be affected.

With the help of a sensory measurement system you can capture any human motion at any time, which include improper movements, forced postures that cannot be captured by human eye.


  • We perform 3 movement files of a given workstation within 45 minutes that can be imported into the ViveLab Ergo software
  • Video records
virtual workstation


In lack of CAD files necessary for the examination

virtual verification
Our ergonomics specialists can accurately examine the placement, layout and space requirements of the machines and the workforce relative to each other. If the CAD files that are required for the analysis are not available, then the 3D scan of the work environment can be created by our partner company. The accuracy of the scanned machine-environment model is sufficient to create combined with the digital human a comprehensive simulation model.


  • CAD files about the machines and the environment.


Allows predictive decision elaboration based on simulation. Imported motion files and CAD files in ViveLab Ergo's three-dimensional virtual environment can be viewed from any angle.

Our ergonomics specialists analyze the motions captured with seven analyzes (RULA, OWAS, NASA-OBI, ISO 11226, EN 1005-4, reachability zone analysis, spaghetti diagram) built into the system, hence, they can filter improper movements and forced postures that cannot be noticed with
visual inspection.

The body structure, sex, age and origin of the character can be changed, hence, the working environment can be tested for workers with all kinds of features.

The results can be seen in real time. It is also possible to create a PDF documentation of the detailed analysis. It takes only a few mouse clicks. The report highlights the positions where ergonomic measures have to be taken to improve the quality of the workplace.

Click and download our sample report to see it all together!
accessible simulations
Accessible simulations in ViveLab Ergo
pdf documentation
PDF documentation
body structure


business plan
During the detailed analysis, ergonomics experts specify the possible organizational, technical and individual actions. They create a modification plan report, that contains a set of recommendations.

Our ergonomics specialists interpret all proposals together with the customer in a workshop, then select and schedule the actions to be implemented. Our goal is not only to interpret and explain the contents of the protocol but to achieve that the customer commits itself to implement the measures proposed in the protocol according to the specified schedule.

action plan
Scheduled action plan


In the phase of technical planning, our ergonomics specialists are offering counseling, collaborative work and virtual validation and verification tests. During the tests, it is checked without prototype production in a virtual space whether the product/component meets the requirements.

Upon request after implementation, impact analysis and measurements are carried out.
We simulate the prospective employee movements, the objective angles of the posture, the frequency and duration of their moves according to the corrected workstation's CAD model and the work instructions.

With the help of the Xsens sensor suit, in place of the worker, the ergonomic issues and deficiencies can be easily recognized.
Thanks to the extensive built-in anthropometric database, the various parameters of the digital human character can be set as desired, such as sex, age, physique. In this way, we can test it for any of these characteristics while just one measurement has to be done.

With this examination, we can recognize and correct the potential deficit points of the planned workstation. This test can also be useful for workstations in the design phase.

On request, our experts are available for further consultation*.


* The ViveLab Ergo Ltd does not do technical planning!


In the profile comparison, we compile two profiles based on the workstation requirements and the employee's capabilities according to the same criteria. In the knowledge of the two profiles we assign the appropriate profile employee to the workstations. This method provides assistance in scheduling shifts, substituting and integrating workers with changed abilities and older workers.
We offer different training for EHS managers, HR managers, Process engineers and Design engineers so they can learn how to recognize the ergonomic issues and find a solution for them. Besides, we teach them how to use the Vivelab Ergo software and the Xsens Motion Capture system enabling them to do the ergonomic measurements and analyses on their own.
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