What are the prerequisites of entering ViveLab?

Before installing the ViveLab desktop, make sure that the listed software are installed on your computer too. These prerequisites for ViveLab Ergo are available by clicking on the links below.
Microsoft Visual C++ 2017Redistributable (x64) –14.16.27033 (or newer)
Microsoft SQL Server LocalDB 2019
Microsoft ODBC Driver 11 for SQLServer
Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQLServer
How many ViveLabs can I open at the same time?

You can only open one ViveLab at the same time. If you would like to open another one, first you will have to close the current one. You have to wait, until the ‘Enter’ buttons become blue for grey, this takes about 60 seconds. If the ‘Enter’ buttons are blue, then you can enter the lab.
What kind of CAD data can I import?
The application can only handle files with .dae extension. Therefore, the CAD models to be imported should always previously been converted to a .dae file. It’s important to know that the maximum number of parts that a model may have is two thousand and the size limit of machines or environments imported is 50x50m.

We recommend you some collada converter:

- 3dsMax can able to convert to .dae file
- SimLab Pro:

If you do not succeed in converting please contact our support (, they will help you.
What can I do with the imported CAD model in the lab?

You can move, rotate the imported model as a whole and its parts in space. You can recolor the whole model with only one click, but you can also color only its parts. You can watch how the designed model’s certain sizes will fit to people with different body sizes.

In ViveLab you cannot change the measurements of the imported model, or to export the modified model. You have to make the changes necessary for ViveLab in your CAD program.

ViveLab contains human models full of anthropometric databases, its aim is that the models created in CAD programs can be studied with realistic, real-life moving human models.
What kind of motion capture data can I import?

The software supports only records data made by Xsens MVM motion capture technology. The maximum length of animation for a character is 54 000 frame.

Here are some tips if the recording to be used is bigger than that:

- You can use the ‘Exporter frame skip (for downsampling)’ button in the Xsens MVN Studio.
- You can spade the long-captured interval by Xsens MVN Studio and the different
- parts should be loaded to separate characters. Accordingly, where the first human character stops with its animation, the following character continues with its part and so on.

An animation file can be chosen by clicking the 'Import Xsens Animation' icon in the 'HUMAN' menu in ViveLab software. The chosen file can only be an Xsens MVN motion capture file (.mvnx) which can be exported from Xsens MVN Studio. When you export the file in .mvnx, change the MVNX Version to 3 or 4 (File/Export/Export file/Show options/MVNX Version).
Can I simulate climbing or large movement task without motion capture data?

Yes, you can. You can create animation manually without using motion capture system. The simpler tasks can be animated very easily and you can also use the ‘Task builder’ feature. But for example the climb simulating is a rather difficult task, but it is not impossible, but ViveLab Ergo Team recommend using motion capture system for this.
Do I have to save the simulated scene?

No, you don’t. In the ViveLab system, the generated content is saved automatically. Even in case of an immediate power loss, you can continue your work where you stopped.
What is the difference between the analyses running in ViveLab and the generated .pdf files?

Analyzes in ViveLab, with the ability to play animation, can be used to evaluate every single movement of a person in real time. It is also capable of analyzing the movements frame by frame to.

Using the analyses, we can make different statistics from the series of moves and download them in pdf format.

You can read further about analyses implemented into ViveLab here:

You can also watch a video about how it works and what can be used for:
What is a dedicated mentor?

The dedicated mentor is a colleague of ours, who can help with ViveLab use and ergonomics problems. The mentor may assist by following user activities or giving advice on ergonomic matters. If you choose a license package without this service but would like to get it, let us know at
How can I ask for professional help in questions concerning ergonomics?

Our ergonomist experts are available both in person and online would you need any assistance concerning ergonomics.
If you would like to consult our ergonomics specialists please contact us at the following email address:
What is a Subscripction-based software license and what advantages does it have?

You can buy a license for 30 days period or subscribe for a yearly package. After your license expires, the data is not lost, you can still access the documents on the main window, but you will not be able to access your labs. As you buy a new license, you can continue your work from where you left off. The advantage is that you pay a subscription fee as you pay bills for your household.
How time spent in ViveLab is counted?

ViveLab time is calculated in days, so your license may be valid for 30 days with a monthly subscription, or for 365 days with a yearly license.
When will my license expire? How do I know how much time we have left? What happens, when my license expires?

On the right side of the main window, there is a countdown where you can follow ViveLab usage. When your license expires it cannot be reversed, but you can purchase a new license at any time. Parameters belonging to the new license package overwrite the previous one. With expiration your data will not be lost, you can still enter the main window at any time, but you will not be able to access your labs. As soon as you purchase a new license, you can continue your work from where you left off.
How can I get help to ViveLab use?

Our ergonomist experts are available would you need any assistance concerning ViveLab use. If you would like to get help, please contact us at
Is there any user’s guide to ViveLab?

There is a user guide available on the website:

Or you may learn about ViveLab by watching the Tutorials at
Which 3D scanners are compatible with the software?

Any CAD file created by a 3D scanner can be imported into the software which can produce polygon mesh from a point cloud. However, in the case of the file format, it is important that we can only import collada (.dae) format into the software.