If you see this error message, download and install the .crt file below into the Trusted top-level CAs container with double-clicking on the downloaded .crt file
How to enter the ViveLab Ergo site?

Registration process:

1. Register at our website:,
2. Click on the confirmation link sent to your registered email address,
3. Afterwards, you can log in at website with your registered username and password.

If you followed the registration process step by step but you cannot enter your ViveLab Ergo account please contact our support:
What if I did not receive the email with the confirmation link after registration?

1. Please check your spam folder!
2. If the email is not in your spam folder, please contact our support team:
What can I do if I get a message after clicking on the confirmation link that my registration expired and I cannot either log in to my account?

Please contact our support team, who will send you a new email with a proper validation link.
What can I do if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, please click on ’I forgot my password’ at the website where you can enter your registered username. The system recognizes the email address linked to the username and sends an automatic email to your registered email address with a link. By clicking on the link, you can enter your new password and you will be able to log in with it. It might happen, that you cannot find the automatic email in your inbox, in this case, please also check the spam folder as well.

In case of any issues, please contact our support team at
What can I do if I forgot my username?

After registering to our site you receive an automatic email to your registered email address, which contains your username as well. If you look for this email, you can find out what your registered username is in our system. (In the ViveLab Ergo system the username cannot be altered.)

If you cannot find this email or you have any further problem with the log-in process, please contact our support team at
What can I do if I cannot enter ViveLab because the button says I’m already entered?

You may have a frozen session in our system. Please disconnect your session by pressing button ‘Disconnect user’ at ‘Users’ section in ‘ViveLab’ menu or ask the group’s admin to do it if you cannot.
How can I alter if any of my data (e.g.: email address) have changed?

If there is a change in any of your personal data, you can alter it on the ViveLab Ergo portal’s personal page. You can reach this site by clicking on your username at the heading of the portal. You can alter any personal data entered at registration, except your username. You also have a chance to modify the time zone, the date format and the unit. Here you can subscribe and unsubscribe to our newsletter.
What are the prerequisites of entering ViveLab?

Before you enter ViveLab, please make sure that Citrix Receiver is installed on your computer. Citrix Receiver is available for Windows and OS X. Without Citrix Receiver ViveLabs cannot be accessed.

Download Citrix Receiver for Windows
Download Citrix Receiver for OS X
I successfully installed the Citrix Receiver, but I still cannot start ViveLab. Why?

If you receive the following message: ‘Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp server.’, then probably the company’s policy does not allow outgoing ICA traffic through the firewall. Please contact your local IT specialist ask for permission for the outgoing Citrix communication.
What can I do after registration?

After registration you will be the owner of a TRIALGROUP which includes 2 labs (=ViveLab). There will be an ‘empty lab’ and you will see a created scene in the ViveLab called ‘workplace scene’. The latter includes a 3D CAD model and a motion capture movement, which was recorded using a Xsens sensor dress. The animation can be started by clicking on the ‘play’ button at the bottom of the screen on the right hand side.

With the registration you receive a BASIC license automatically to your TRIALGROUP. The license allows you 8 hours of ViveLab use for one month. License data is available on the portal under RESOURCES tab.

If you would like to purchase a license package containing more ViveLab time, please contact our sales team at:
What are in the main menu, and what can be used for?

DASHBOARD – opening page, where you can see the most important data on one site:
- quick access to the labs,
- messages to Group users,
- summary illustration of your available resources,
- training request, license purchase.
VIVELABS – You can find everything here what can be important in connection with your labs. In the table on the left side you can choose, which lab’s data should appear on the screen. After choosing the lab, you can rename it by clicking on its name (it is recommended to rename it for easier future finding). At the same table you can find an entry button and a summary about the lab’s main features. The following functions can be reached here:

- Users – members of the lab with their access level (here you can delete or quit users from the lab)
- Add group members – here you can add the people invited to the Group to each lab,
- Change owner – in this submenu, you can change the highest access level user to someone else,
- Documents created by this ViveLab,
- ViveLab message board – all messages exchanged by the entered lab users appear here as well. Here you can send a message to lab users without entering the lab,
- ViveLab versions – There is no ‘undo’ option in the lab, you can recall your earlier works by stepping back to earlier versions. The versions are saved automatically (for instance when quitting) but you can save given conditions by using the bookmark function. If you need your previous work, choose the version you need and press the ‘make current’ button and the selected version will be loaded when entering the lab. You can also use this submenu, if you are running out of storage and you can delete the unnecessary versions (the head version cannot be deleted),
- Delete & Freeze – by pressing the Delete button the lab can be deleted, and by pressing the Freeze button the lab’s activity can be frozen.
GROUP DETAILS – here you have a chance to define and alter the main data of the Group.

RESOURCES – in this menu you can get information on the group’s available resources.

UPLOADED FILES – in this menu you can find the files uploaded by the ViveLab Ergo colleagues. It is worthy to download them because they will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

USERS – in this menu you can get information about the users of the group.

INVITATION – You can invite new users to your group by using the invitation menu.

SHOP – In this menu you can find information on the current license packages and find links to its current prices. You can start your license purchase here, the filled in form is received by the sales department who contact you as soon as possible.

- GROUP SELECTOR – appears on every page if you are invited to more than one group you can switch between groups here,
- HOME – by pressing this button you are directed to the Dashboard,
- [YOURNAME] – you can view your personal information here – modify, review the status of your invites and you can do other personal adjustments which are handled by the ViveLab Ergo (e.g.: unit measures, time zone)
- Logout,
- Language selection (English, German).
What means group, lab (=ViveLab), permission?

The Group includes the labs =(ViveLabs). After registration you automatically signed into a Group, which is called TRIALGROUP. You can modify this any time in ‘GROUP DETAILS’ menu. You can purchase license to your Group and anyone you invite to your Group will consume the same ViveLab time what is included in your license. The accessibilities of the Group and the ViveLabs included can be limited by the adjustment of different authorities.

You can create unlimited number of labs =(ViveLab) in your Group under the ‘VIVELABS’ menu. In the ViveLab you can set up a scene, you can examine the person’s movement and can make evaluations based on different ergonomic methods and standards. You can import CAD models and XSENS motion capture tool recorded movement files as well.

You can invite unlimited number of members to your Group. It is a requirement that they separately have to register to the system. When inviting a new member to your Group you have to set the authority level of the new member.

Be aware that the Group’s and the lab’s authorities are different, because you can use the ViveLabs in the same Group to different projects!
Group authorities are the following:
- Admin: The creator and owner of the group, has access to all the labs. Only the admin has the right to delete the Group. To pass over this authority please contact our support team:

- Member: Has authority to everything as the admin has, but cannot delete the group. The member is automatically invited to the currently created labs with user rights.

- Limited member: Can create new labs and can use them unlimitedly, but can only access labs created earlier than the limited membership, if a member with higher authority invites the limited member.

- Guest: For guests the Group’s details and members are kept hidden at all times. Can only enter the lab if invited and the inviter member enters the lab first.
Lab authorities are the following:

Lab owner: The owner of the lab. Basically, the lab owner is the one who creates the lab, but in the ‘VIVELABS’ menu this right can be conveyed to someone else. The lab owner has access to everything inside the lab. The owner can only be deleted from a lab if this authority is handed over to another user.

Lab user: Has the same rights as the lab owner.

Lab visitor: The labs’ data is kept hidden from visitor on the portal. Can freely enter the lab after the invitation of a higher authority user. Cannot edit the lab, has only read only access.

Guest: Cannot see the labs’ data on the portal. The guest cannot enter the lab individually. Can only enter if the inviter has already entered the lab and will be signed out when the inviter leaves the lab. Guest is an ideal role for cases when you would like to show your work to a specific clients or colleague, to those who you do not want to load all the data.
What will happen after I press the ’Enter’ button on the Dashboard or ViveLabs pages?

When you launch a ViveLab pressing the ‘Enter’ button it will take a few seconds while our system generates a Citrix launch file (with extension .ica). This launch file guarantees the access to your ViveLab for one time only. Depending on your browser and operating system, this file opens automatically or you should start it manually by clicking on it.

Once the launch file is opened by Citrix Receiver it starts to connect to our servers immediately. First, you can see the process bar of Receiver for a few seconds. Next, your default monitor displays our logo while our system authenticates your session automatically. Finally, after a couple of seconds, your ViveLab appears. This whole starting process takes 10-60 seconds depending on your system and your Internet connection.
How many ViveLabs can I open at the same time?

You can only open one ViveLab at the same time. If you would like to open another one, first you will have to close the current one. You have to wait, until the ‘Enter’ buttons become blue for grey, this takes about 60 seconds. If the ‘Enter’ buttons are blue, then you can enter the lab.
What kind of CAD data can I import?
The application can only handle files with .dae extension. Therefore, the CAD models to be imported should always previously been converted to a .dae file. It’s important to know that the maximum number of parts that a model may have is two thousand and the size limit of machines or environments imported is 50x50m.

We recommend you some collada converter:

- 3dsMax can able to convert to .dae file
- SimLab Pro:

If you do not succeed in converting please contact our support (, they will help you.
What can I do with the imported CAD model in the lab?

You can move, rotate the imported model as a whole and its parts in space. You can recolor the whole model with only one click, but you can also color only its parts. You can watch how the designed model’s certain sizes will fit to people with different body sizes.

In ViveLab you cannot change the measurements of the imported model, or to export the modified model. You have to make the changes necessary for ViveLab in your CAD program.

ViveLab contains human models full of anthropometric databases, its aim is that the models created in CAD programs can be studied with realistic, real-life moving human models.
What kind of motion capture data can I import?

The software supports only records data made by Xsens MVM motion capture technology. The maximum length of animation for a character is 54 000 frame.

Here are some tips if the recording to be used is bigger than that:

- You can use the ‘Exporter frame skip (for downsampling)’ button in the Xsens MVN Studio.
- You can spade the long-captured interval by Xsens MVN Studio and the different
- parts should be loaded to separate characters. Accordingly, where the first human character stops with its animation, the following character continues with its part and so on.

An animation file can be chosen by clicking the 'Import Xsens Animation' icon in the 'HUMAN' menu in ViveLab software. The chosen file can only be an Xsens MVN motion capture file (.mvnx) which can be exported from Xsens MVN Studio. When you export the file in .mvnx, change the MVNX Version to 3 (File/Export/Export file/Show options/MVNX Version).
Can I simulate climbing or large movement task without motion capture data?

Yes, you can. You can create animation manually without using motion capture system. The simpler tasks can be animated very easily and you can also use the ‘Task builder’ feature. But for example the climb simulating is a rather difficult task, but it is not impossible, but ViveLab Ergo Team recommend using motion capture system for this.
Do I have to save the simulated scene?

No, you don’t. The ViveLab system is running in a cloud, the generated content is saved automatically. There is no data loss. In case of immediate power loss, you can continue your work where you were stopped.
What is the difference between the analyses running in ViveLab and the generated .pdf files?

Analyzes in ViveLab, with the ability to play animation, can be used to evaluate every single movement of a person in real time. It is also capable of analyzing the movements frame by frame to.

Using the analyses, we can make different statistics from the series of moves and download them in pdf format.

You can read further about analyses implemented into ViveLab here:

You can also watch a video about how it works and what can be used for:
What does collaboration mean?

You can work at the same virtual space from anywhere in the world at the same time, as ViveLab Ergo software is cloud-based, so you only need Internet access. When several people have accessed ViveLab, the same scene is displayed in real time on everyone's screen.
The number of people who can enter the same lab (= how many of you can collaborate) depends on the license you purchase.
What is a dedicated mentor?

Our staff is available after completion of the system training as well, should any question emerge about the usage, operation of the ViveLab Ergo software. At a pre-agreed time, the dedicated mentor can follow the user's activities, either via a shared screen or by way of collaboration, and provide functional support.Certain license packages include a dedicated mentor option. If the license package you have chosen does not include this service, but you would like to have this opportunity, please notify us about it at the following email address: .
How can I ask for professional help in questions concerning ergonomics?

Our ergonomist experts are available both in person and online would you need any assistance concerning ergonomics. Within the ViveLab Ergo software, you can even request them for collaboration, where you can simultaneously work on the same project, regardless of your geographical location, in order to find a solution to your problem.  

If you would like to consult our ergonomics specialists please contact us at the following email address:
What is a Subscripction-based software license and what advantages does it have?

Every license package is valid for 30 days. Just as you pay your bills monthly, you can buy ViveLab access similarly.

You can ask for a license for your Group any time, it will be valid for 30 days after purchase. When your license expires, your data will not be lost, you can still access the portal at any time, but you will not be able to access your labs. As soon as you buy a new license, you can continue your work from where you left off.
How time spent in ViveLab is counted?

Your license limits time spent in Vivelab, not your time on the portal. You can use the hours available for up to 30 days in fragments or even for once. When you buy a license, you buy if for your Group, which means that if you invite more people to your Group, they all use the same time on entering the labs or even the same lab.

Example: You invited 2 staff members to your Group, which has a TRIAL license. The TRIAL license provides 8 hours of use. When only one of you enters a lab, he or she can spend up to 8 hours in the lab in fragments or for once. As soon as another staff member enters the lab, the time spendable in the lab is divided into two, as both of you spend the same 8 hours.
When will my license expire? How do I know how much time we have left? What happens, when my license expires?

Your license can expire in two ways:

- Your ViveLab time have run out before the 30-day expiry.
- You run out of the 30 days before you could use up your ViveLab time.

Both expiries are final and cannot be reversed, but you can purchase a new license at any time. Parameters belonging to the new license package purchased overwrite the expiration restrictions. You can follow the expiry time and date under ‘RESOURCES’ tab on the portal.

When your license expires, your data will not be lost, you can still access the portal at any time, but you will not be able to access your labs. As soon as you purchase a new license, you can continue your work from where you left off.

Example: It might occur, that you buy a 30-day license once, then you may not need it for a few months due to your other occupations, then you return to this task again and need another 30 days. You can continue everything in the labs where you left it off a few months ago. We will never delete your labs or accounts, but we will do so if you specifically ask for it at
How can I get help to ViveLab use?

When you register, you can choose to request a personal tour in one of the fill-in fields. Our colleague will contact you as soon as possible and will assist you already with the initial steps.

If you do not require this option at registration, you can request it any time later on the portal’s ‘DASHBOARD’ by pressing the 'Arrange a personal tour' button.

If you get stuck in using ViveLab, our various tutorials can help. 18-part ViveLab Video Tutorial can be viewed here:

User manual:

You can also send your question to and our colleagues will respond as soon as possible.
Is there any user’s guide to ViveLab?

The ViveLab tutorial videos and User Manual provide help for ViveLab use. You can watch the videos with English and Hungarian subtitles on our official Youtube channel:

You can read the user manual on Issuu:

In our easy-to-use software, we have built-in a support system. If you move the cursor over the buttons for a few seconds, a description of the function is displayed.
Which 3D scanners are compatible with the software?

Any CAD file created by a 3D scanner can be imported into the software which can produce polygon mesh from a point cloud. However, in the case of the file format, it is important that we can only import collada (.dae) format into the software.
How can you start ViveLab automatically after download the Citrix file?
(available only with Chrome browser)

You have to do the following process just once: after downloading the Citrix "ica" file click with the right mouse click and choose "always open files of this types" option.
ICA fileis downloaded after clciking on the blue „Enter” button. After the ICA file isdownloaded, enable the browser to open similar files automatically.

Note: Instructions below are similar for other OS's when using GoogleChrome, Firefox, or Edge Browsers. 

Internet Explorer
1.      You will receive a notificationon the bottom of the browser to "Open, Save, Cancel" 
2.      Select the Save.
3.      The download bar will nowshow to "Open, Open Folder, View Downloads",
4.      Select the drop-down listnext to "Open" and select "OpenWith"
5.      Find and select "ConnectionManager" 

1.      Firefox will prompt you witha dialog box to save the '".ica" file
2.      Select "Do this automaticallyfor files like this from now on" 
3.      Select "OpenWith" and click "Browse"
4.      Select "ConnectionManager" 

Edge Browser:
1.      Edge automatically saves the fileto the downloads folder by default
2.      On the bottom left you will seethe file, click the "..." which isthe drop-down list for the file in the download bar and select "AlwaysOpen Files of This Type"

Opera Browser
1.      Opera automatically saves thefile to the downloads folder by default
2.     On the top right you will see the downloads icon, click on     the  the "..." which is     the drop-down list for the file in the download bar and select "Always     Open Files of This Type"
What should you do if Citrix does not start despite the automatic opening option?

Associate .ica File Type With Citrix Connection Manager
1. On Windows computers, go to Control Panel > Settings >  Apps > Default apps > Choose default apps by file type
2. Under Name, find .ica file type.
3. Ensure that the current default is set to Citrix Connection Manager.
If not, click Change program and choose Citrix Connection Manager.
Using Citrix:

Citrix has problems handling monitors of different resolutions correctly, users are asked to use monitors of the same resolution.
For a high-resolution (4K) monitor, Windows recommends a value of 150% or greater for the "Resize texts, applications, and other items" parameter, which causes the dialogs in the application to be too large and may cause problems when used. Please set this parameter to 100% so that all elements of the application are the correct size.