3D visualization


Upbuild manually or import your own virtual environment and simulate in our 3D laboratory all work-related motions of the workers. This technology can be used to ergonomical improvement of existing workstations, ergonomic design of new workstations, or ergonomic design of tools such as furniture or sports equipment. 

ViveLab Ergo is perfectly capable of modeling machines, robots and people moving in a given physical environment. Harmonizing the co-operation of these three elements in the industry's 4.0 era is an indispensable task. This technology can be used to ergonomical improvement of existing workstations, ergonomic design of new workstations, or ergonomic design of tools such as furniture or sports equipment.
Use seven professional analyses (RULA, OWAS, NASA-OBI, ISO 11226, EN 1005-4, reachability zone, spaghetti diagram)! Identify health damaging effects of forced movements caused by incorrect workplace design! 

Compared to traditional ergonomic visual inspection, the software accurately captures motion, which can be replayed from any angle in the 3D environment.
The methods of analysis do not need to be selected prior to the test. In ViveLab Ergo, the analysis that are the basis of the test can be modified at any time. 

All of the built-in analyses can be saved as clear PDF reportIt takes only a few mouse clicks. The report highlights the positions where ergonomic measures have to be taken to improve the quality of the workplace.
cloud based


You can use ViveLab Ergo anytime, anywhere, even from your phone or tablet on demand. It is a software as a service.The ergonomic assessment software system can be run on an average office computer (works with Windows and OS X environment as well). There are no special requirements to be fulfilled, it works sufficiently with a medium bandwidth internet connection. There is an opportunity to invite others to a lab owned and cooperation with them is secured from anywhere in the World.
There is an experienced team of ergonomists behind the product.
Do you have a question about ViveLab software? Cannot interpret the results or do not find the solution to fix a wrong layout? Send us the recorded motion file for analysis or work with our ergonomics! Thanks to the cloud-based service, we can enter your ViveLab project from anywhere in the world to help you out with the problem and find the most optimal solution.
accurate animation


Build precise human movements manually or import Xsens movement files! Build up complex animation from basic movement elements granularly. The different body parts of the human character can be selected and moved or rotated within the specified angular range that corresponds to the real limits of bodily movements.
motion capture


We plan and execute the on-site motion capture of a worker with the help of Xsens 3D motion tracking technology. Xsens is a global leader in innovative motion tracking. The system records the duration, position, path, movement of body parts, closed angles, and adjusts the weight of the object being moved. With the easy-to-use software solutions we transfer the human movement into anthropometrically correct and realistic models with realistic movement.
anthropometric data bank


Analyze segments based on age, sex, race and body composition. You can choose the origin of the character for the given analysis by choosing the respective continent, region and database. The percentile and the acceleration of the human character can also be set. The proportions of the extremities can be specified as medium, short or long. The category of the human physique can be defined by choosing between the three main somatotypes: Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph. 

Using an anthropometric database containing millions of samples, it precisely models ninety-nine percent of human population's anthropometric characteristics. Consider changes of populations during upcoming decades! 

Moreover, ViveLab is able to predict the anthropometric changes of populations for decades ahead, this feature makes it possible to carry out future tests in the present. This is really great help in designing durable workstations and tools.


Due to the latest GUI design principles, such as contextual tooltips, ViveLab Ergo provides an intuitive way of exploring itself. 

No ergonomic training is required to use the software, reduces time spent on ergonomics, and provides more reliable, more accurate results.


You can invite and collaborate with colleagues, agencies or even our ergonomists from all around the world while working on your project. 

The advanced collaborative functions enable that upon request ViveLab Ergo ergonomists expert team can join in the joint work to propose specific technical, organizational or individual measures besides determining the deflection points.
Want to experience all the features? Have a look at our Ergonomic Assessment Packages or choose one of the Subscription-based Software Licenses!
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