comprehensive ergonomic assessment
Using the cloud-based 3D simulation software ViveLab Ergo, users can - by themselves or with the help of ergonomics experts - simulate, analyze and improve the interactions between human, machine and the work environment more precisely, faster and easier than ever before.

Preserve the health of employees, extend their working years, save HR costs by creating ergonomically optimal working conditions. Appropriate treatment of occupational safety is also a factor of competitiveness as well as regulatory compliance. In whatever stage your project is; preparation, decision making, implementation or even operation, ViveLab and attached services enable you to run detailed ergonomic examinations and find solutions very quickly.

I. Onsite consultancy

If you don’t have all of the human resources and expertise to implement a whole ergonomic assessment, but you know that your workplace needs immediate improvement - Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Meet our uniquely comprehensive framework of ergonomic consultancy, including screening, motion capture measurement, simulations, analyses, and more. It is available through our international network of service provider partners or directly from ViveLab Ergo. The entire process, from the inspection in the production area through the motion measurement and analysis up to the evaluation of the results and the elaboration of the necessary measures, can be carried out by the ergonomics expert team. The ergonomics experts can optionally check which workplaces can be automated or where it is possible to employ aging workers or workers with changed workability.

1. Screening (Ergonomic impact assessment)

During the screening, based on the interviews and the examination of the manufacturing area, our ergonomists determine the category of the company’s different workstations in terms of their load, health impact, and risk. Optionally, they will assess which workplaces can be automated and where persons with changed working ability can be employed.

As a result, they get a detailed picture of the ergonomic issues affecting the company and their severity. They select the workstations requiring immediate action, where additional instrumental testing is required to make accurate suggestions.

2. Motion Capture measurement

Accurate, ergonomic analysis requires objectively measured motion data. We perform the sensory movement capture with the aid of the market leader Xsens Motion Capture system on those workstations, which was selected by the customer or was suggested during screening by our ergonomists.

The Xsens motion capture system has been developed in order to measure and record the movements of the whole body. The equipment works with inertial sensors, biomechanical models, and sensor fusion algorithms. The Xsens suit is a non-obtrusive solution, making sure the workers can move natural and realistic. The motion capture system can be used in all environments, including industrial plants with lots of magnetic interference; the motion capture data will not be affected.

With the help of a sensory measurement system, you can capture any human motion at any time, which include improper movements, forced postures that cannot be captured by human eye.

3. Simulation and analysis

Allows predictive decision elaboration based on simulation. Imported motion files and CAD files in ViveLab Ergo's three-dimensional virtual environment can be viewed from any angle.

Our ergonomists import the motion files into ViveLab Ergo software to analyze it with the help of the seven built-in analysis methods: (RULA, OWAS, NASA-OBI, ISO 11226, EN 1005-4, reachability zone analysis, spaghetti diagram) The software filters improper movements and forced postures that cannot be noticed with a visual inspection. 

The body structure, sex, age, and origin of the character can be changed, hence, the working environment can be tested for workers with all kinds of features.

The results can be seen in real-time. It is also possible to create a PDF documentation of the detailed analysis, it takes only a few mouse clicks. The report highlights the positions where ergonomic measures have to be taken to improve the quality of the workplace.

4. Action Plan

During the detailed analysis, ergonomics experts specify the possible organizational, technical, and individual actions. They create a modification plan report that contains a set of recommendations.

Our ergonomists interpret all proposals together with the customer in a workshop, then select and schedule the actions to be implemented. Our goal is not only to interpret and explain the contents of the protocol but to achieve that the customer commits itself to implement the measures proposed in the protocol according to the specified schedule.
Have a look at our case study to understand the phases of an ergonomic workplace assessment!
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5. Implementation, virtual validation

In the phase of technical planning, our ergonomics specialists are offering counseling, collaborative work, and virtual validation and verification tests. During the tests, it is checked without prototype production in a virtual space, whether the product/component meets the requirements.

We simulate the prospective employee movements, the objective angles of the posture, the frequency and duration of their moves according to the corrected workstation's CAD model, and the work instructions. Thanks to the extensive built-in anthropometric database, the various parameters of the digital human character can be set as desired, such as sex, age, race, and physique.

With this examination, we can recognize and correct the potential deficit points of the planned workstation, and the new cycle time can be calculated as well. Thanks to the virtual validation, the efficiency of the investment can be verified, and the costs and ROI can be counted before the implementation.

6. complete tool and knowledge transfer

If the Client wishes to perform the ergonomic impact assessment by their own experts, we make available the ViveLab Ergo ergonomic software and the Xsens Motion Capture hardware for them. On request, we can also help the company's work with training and counseling. We can provide online and onsite trainings.

We believe that the best way to prepare a decision regarding these types of technologies and solutions is a complete knowledge transfer based on software training and an on-site commonly executed pilot and on-job training. Our experts can join you to make an Ergonomic Assessment together with motion capture sensors and ViveLab Ergo software on an existing or planned production line. After this one-time onsite project, you will be able to use Xsens motion capture system and ViveLab ergonomics software alone. Of course, our experts can be of your further assistance online in creating action plans after that if required.

II. Online consultancy

Thanks to the cloud-based software, the experts can be invited by the user from geographically distant parts of the world to collaborate in the user's own virtual laboratory. They can this way carry out the analyses and interpret the results together.


To get the most out of your system, you need to know every detail of the software and hardware. We offer theoretical and practical training for our users where they can learn how to use the Xsens Motion Capture system and ViveLab Ergo software.

Dedicated mentor

Our staff is available after completion of the system training as well, should any question emerge about the usage, operation of the ViveLab Ergo software. At a pre-agreed time, the dedicated mentor can follow the user's activities, either via a shared screen or by way of collaboration, and provide functional support.

Collaborative work

Our ergonomist experts are available online would you need any assistance concerning ergonomics. Within the ViveLab Ergo software, you can even request them for collaboration, where you can simultaneously work on the same project, regardless of your geographical location, in order to find a solution to your problem. 

If you are doing the measurements on your own, but you need some help with the analyzes, our ergonomist team can help. They can carry out the analyses and interpret the results together.

Product design, virtual ergonomic verification

Go-to-market cost and time are one of the key factors of competitiveness. ViveLab enables product designers to create an ergonomically optimized design without real-life tests with physical prototypes and hundreds of test subjects. Virtual ergonomic verification is not only easier but also more complete and more professional thanks to ViveLab's anthropometric database and built-in analyses.

Similar to the virtual validation of an existing product, our technicians can carry out the verification of a product under design without a prototype. Based on the CAD model of the planned workstation and the work instruction, we simulate the moves of the prospective worker, the objective angles of his posture, the frequency and duration of his movements. Thanks to this examination, possible deficit points of the planned workstation/component may be revealed and corrected before the implementation.

If the ergonomic examination reveals deficiencies, we record the proposed measures, together with the results of the exported analysis, in the minutes of the action plan and the simulations are made available through the ViveLab Ergo software. 

On request, our experts are available for further consultation*.

With our new service packages you can start your ergonomic assessment project right away without hiring an expert to your company. 

Our specialists have more than 20 years of experience in the field of workplace ergonomics.
Choose us and make your company a better place.
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